Friday, January 29, 2010

Junior Theologians

Gabriana looked up at me today when I was holding her and completely out of any context said, "Jesus Christ is Lord." I was on the phone with my sister Monica at the time and she heard Gabriana and said, "wow."

Then, when praying before dinner tonight, Katherine decided spontaneously to add, "in Jesus' name" to her prayers.

Where do these amazing kids come from? They have so completely appropriated the concept that God is powerful and God is good. The fact that that belief seems so instinctive, not learned is testament to the powerful message of God. If we teach them nothing else other than really to love God, we will have done a good job.


Blowing out "Jesus' birthday cake" on Christmas

Before the nativity gospel reading. Katherine and our friend Will were the Roman soldiers who announced the census and they are accompanied by our favorite wayward shepherdess. (See story posted December 25, 2009)

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