Friday, January 29, 2010

"Mommy, You Smile More Than Most Grownups"

Above the old Sutro Baths (Cliff House area) during a recent storm. Windy, incredible waves, energizing and fun!

That was a comment I received from Katherine recently, not intended as a compliment but merely as an observation. When I told MY Mom, she said, in a tone that indicated that she thought she was stating the obvious, "well, yeah... of course. You know WHY!" And so do my kids... when I asked Katherine what she thought made me smile, she knew immediately and said with a big smile of her own... "us!"

Joy, joy, joy.

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Jon Leland said...

Awesome pic. Beautiful girls. Yay. (and, btw, I'm swinging clubs again. Let me know when you're ready, charles)