Wednesday, February 24, 2010

King Tut

An incredible exhibit; last time I saw it was 30 years ago, at the old DeYoung, with my Aptos Middle School class and my friend Sabrina Lau. I was amazed this time at the brightness of the colors and the beautiful condition of everything.

I was also moved by something that I don't recall from 30 years ago; Tut was buried with his two still-born children, both about five months from conception, both carefully mummified just as he was. The trajedy of those losses is so human, a pain still something so unfortunately easy to relate to; it carried rather startling and unexpected emotion in the midst of an experience that was otherwise about so much that is unknown.

The photos are from afterward; no photos in the exhibit, of course. The one of both girls together is from the top of the DeYoung's obervation tower, looking toward the Academy of Science.

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