Thursday, April 8, 2010

Visiting Las Vegas

We had a wonderful trip to Las Vegas and got to visit lots of cousins, see amazing desert wildflowers, enjoy lots of adventure and learning at the incredible Springs Preserve, and even visit "Aunta" Monica at the Bellagio.

(Gabriana is adding a little Italian-esque accent to Monica's title and we've all picked it up. Aunta Monica sounds so lyrical!)

Thanks to Savannah, Skyler, and Keith for meeting us at the Springs Preserve and to Monica, Dan, Spencer, and Hanna for the hospitality, coming with us to the preserve, the tour of the conservatory at the Bellagio, and all of the fun crafts at home. And for the use of your pool, which resulted in the "thumbs up" picture of Katherine, tough enough to jump into 56 degrees and very quickly swim to the edge. Her skin was freezing when I helped her out, but she was sure proud of herself!

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