Thursday, January 13, 2011

Body Worlds Vital

Took the kids to see this exhibit today. It was fascinating! The video shows how the designer took actual human bodies and put them on display in a way never quite seen before. The detail was amazing and what it revealed about the body was complimented by the IMAX film we saw afterward; a detailed look inside the human body with vivid, occasionally gross, but mostly fascinating footage.

There was a strong health-orientation to the presentation, with graphic information/warnings about obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimers. It was also interesting to see what different families around the world ate in a given week. (We decided we'd rather live with the Indian family, based on the vegetarian diet shown.)

We had some critiques in terms of the social message being sent. (All the models were male, the juxtaposition of the presentations implied that Alzheimers occurs when you fail to exercise your brain adequately, and why exactly did the American family shown have to be a Black family with terrible eating habits?) but overall it was informative and interesting.

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