Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Backpacking Photos

The girls' first backpacking trip is too momentous an occasion not to post lots of photos. Love this first one - my mom is in the background with Sherpani (the princess dog). In the second photo, K is expressing her enthusiasm for finding snow on the trail! We found lots of it and the girls spent a lot of time on our second day out "skiing."

These exoskeletons were EVERYWHERE, twigs, water plants, trees.... interesting. Couldn't resist playing with the microscope and a telephone camera lense to get a close up - check out the jaw line and tiny teeth.

My mom and her dog relaxing while the girls prepare their magic show from the "stage" above. Except for the mosquitos, it was an absolutely ideal site.

Poor Ike wasn't feeling well? Altitude? Perhaps. He sought shade in the folds of the tent fly and then sought sympathy from his everloving girl. Sweet (and he's all recovered, now).

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