Sunday, August 7, 2011

Riverside Camping

When our friend Cynthia invited us to go camping with her, she described the campground and activities on the river, saying that our plan would be to "float, walk, snack, repeat." Sign us up! And that's exactly what it was - a campground in the middle of the central valley - hot, flat, and dry until we reached our riverside oasis - situated at the bend in a river so that we could get in the water at one end of the campground and float around the campground to the other side.

The water was cold and fast, but the kids all had life jackets and we were careful. Our only moments of chaos involved realizing that our turn in spot was upon us and we weren't close enough to the edge to turn in easily. I had some unplanned (and clothed) quick plunges to make sure we didn't end up... (um, not sure, somewhere too far) but it was super fun. The girls enjoyed the water and, apparently, the dirt, as G got this dirty intentionally rubbing her face with it. Thank you, Cynthia!

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