Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I Love Geography Song

Now that G is studying geography, I can't get this song out of my head.  Learned it long ago in seventh grade and brain cells that could be better occupied kept it with me.  Admitedly, it IS fun...

Maine is an island in Asia, France is a river in Spain, Coconuts grow on a mountain of snow, Deserts are covered with rain; China is bordered by Norway, Texas is south of Peru, Persia's a sea, and Vermont is a tree, I adore knowledge, don't you?
I love ge-og-ra-phy, og-ra-phy, og-ra-phy I love ge-og-ra-phy, with rapture the pages I turn.
I love ge-og-ra-phy, og-ra-phy, og-ra-phy I love ge-og-ra-phy, because it's so easy to learn.
Crocodiles come from Chicago, rivers flow backward up-hill Grass is quite rare, the equator is square, Utah is east of Brazil. Kansas is full of volcanoes, Switzerland's right on the coast. Knowledge, you see, simply fascinates me, I love ge-og-ra-phy most.


Karen Hogle said...

Thank you for posting this. Several of my 58- and 59-yr-old friends were just disussing this song on Fbook and could not remember all the lyrics (from the '60s when we were in elementary music class)!

Emma Lee said...

looking up these lyrics today. I am 78 and we sang that also. I didn't know of a second verse, but I do now. Thanks! Emma Lee