Monday, February 1, 2016


They bicker, they fight, they claim to dislike one another.  But while the negative feelings are real, their relationship is also filled with a contradictory plot: they are also best friends and confidants, playmates and companions.  When they get opportunities to be alone with friends, they almost always opt to include the other.  When we spend a day in activity of any type (classes, field trips, play), when they get home they retreat to play alone and uninterrupted, processing the day together through conversation and play.

I was reminded of this visually this after a recent basketball game when we went to get burritos with our friend Kathleen.  The girls retreated to their own table while we waited for the food, engaged in their own play, a private interaction and conversation.  I love seeing the ripple effects of great love, each an individual presence who greatly enriches my life with care and love and also one that empowers, sustains, and graces the other.

I love them so much!

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AKM said...

Love this so much! On the same day that mine can wake to a fall down blow out with words that break your heart....and couple hours later they are literally creating/writing/putting on an entire homemade play with laughter, joy and love. I think that's where half my grey hairs come from, and I wouldn't take them back for the world :-)