Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

K was Benvolio, causing trouble as Romeo's friend (played by one of her best friends, which was fun).  G was Friar Lawrence, truly causing trouble (though with good intentions) by marrying the silly lovers.  We've now seen the production at least five times (my count) and maybe more (K counts eight) and definitely dislike it... the three of us are convinced that Shakespeare intended it as a comedy making fun of teen love, its fickleness and its overly drawn-out drama.  That said, the girls have appreciated other performances of it (SF ballet!  Carl from SF Shakes as Romeo and Phil as Friar Lawrence!) and they definitely had fun with this production.

G's pre-play drawing

Benvolio fighting

As a guest at the ball

So animated in her speeches!
Reassuring Romeo

With a dying Mercutio

All of the kids enjoyed the fight scenes so much, it was hard to find a photo where they weren't smiling

So nice to have Abuela there!

And... the full video below (thank you, Cheryl!)

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