Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yosemite Day Three: Climbers and Hikers

Perhaps because these four are now related by marriage to famous climber Tori Allen, they can't stay off the rocks!  Great times, if a bit heart-stopping for watching moms.  Great hikes, too!  Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday Pie!
The funny thing is, one of the challenges I once got about homeschooling was whether we were "required" to have an outdoor education experience, which referenced the topic of the conversation I was listening to: their school's "nature week."  "Required?"  Well, no... but when I think of the regular exposure that these kids get to the outdoors, including being blessed to see our favorite National Park in so many seasons and to experience corners of it that most people never see, I feel truly rich.  I even caught G putting the backpacking trips that she and her sister complain about so much in proud context once, saying to one of her friends, "I have seen beautiful parts of Yosemite that most people never see!"  I'm so glad that she values that - it always makes me feel privileged myself (and may remind her of that in the midst of the inevitable complaints half way through our next extended-day backpacking trip.  :-)

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