Friday, July 1, 2016

Camp Mather

Not much has changed at Camp Mather since we used to visit 40 years ago and most of what I pointed out as "new" is at least 20 years old.  It was fun to get to visit and now the kids can finally say that they've been to camp. As long as their cousins are present, they have fun.  They have lots of sports, a ropes course, archery, hiking and naturalist activities, crafts, talent shows and dances, horseback rides, badminton, and swimming both in a pool and in the lake.  With the exception of the archery and ropes course, it is exactly what they had when I was there as a camper, which is sweet. 

It smelled so good just being on Yosemite's border that we rolled the windows in the car down.  Then that wasn't enough for the girls, who wanted to get out and run....

Selfies as soon as we found their cousins!

Give the kids a stage...

These two did archery while K and A played kickball

Love that happy face!

More lake fun

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