Sunday, August 21, 2016

Birthday Slumber Party

We planned the slumber party ages ago, but around noon before the 5PM arrival, G decided that it ought to have a Harry Potter theme.  Oh gosh... and I thought I was going to spend the afternoon vacuuming and dusting!  But her energy and great ideas are hard to resist and we pulled off some great ideas:

A cute owl veggie plate
"Butter beer" ice cream sandwiches.  This was a bit of caramel, ice cream, and chess piece shortbread.  We also made butter beer, always a favorite.

Pretzels with cheese and tiny scallion strips that made them look like brooms
The best part?  A happy birthday girl surrounded for over 24 hours by sister and cousin play time.  Hurrah!

This was special because the girls pooled the gift cards they had been saving from choir (they get them as incentives/awards) to splurge on ice cream for their cousins and themselves.  Happy choice!

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