Sunday, December 11, 2016

Happy Weirdo

When K left for class today, she was wearing two hats.  Literally.  A straw hat that looks awesome on her and a "Baseball for All" cap that is also great.  Separately, they really are both cool.  Together, they look, well, downright weird.  But I bit my tongue because otherwise I would get:  "Mom, why do you care about what other people think?" or "oh Mom, why is physical appearance so important to you?"

I didn't think too much about it, but it really is SUCH a weird look that I thought she'd lose it at some point during the day.  Nope.  When I picked her up, she still had both on and when I looked through the teacher's photos of the day, I found the one below, taking during class activities.

What changed?  Me.  From a vague (if unstated) criticism of her weird look in the morning to a sudden surge of joy when I picked her up and realized that she'd spent the whole day like that and was with friends and adults who totally accept her as she is.  In an unrelated conversation, G was trying to convince an adult that being "weird" was a good thing.  This adult insisted that "weirdness" was synonymous with being a "freak," a bad thing.  I like the appropriated message of power, of individuality, of acceptance that there are more important things in life to focus on and I love that they've each found micro-communities where they can be their ever-evolving and authentic selves.

Photo courtesy of sf-nomad

I absolutely love this photo, also courtesy of sf-nomad.  My wonderful weirdo is on the left in her Giants shirt with something in her mouth...

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