Saturday, May 13, 2017

Out of the Ballpark Home Run!

An out-of-the-ballpark home run! She's had home runs before, but never over the fences and into the slough! Someone always tries to retrieve the balls as souvenirs for the kids and this one came back muddy and soaked. Super awesome!

 Charles took the video - I was en route to taking G to a birthday party. We pulled over to watch it and yelled inside the car! (I might have cried a little too.)

 The video begins with her at-bat and you see a ball, then a runner stealing base ahead of her. Her home run swing is at 45 seconds.  Watch the home plate umpire as he realizes it is a homer - he's always encouraging and cheering for K (and for all the kids) and it is fun to see his enthusiasm.  He found another ball and wrote the date, etc. on it as another souvenir for her too and then chatted with her for a long time after the game, telling her how he just knew she was going to nail one over the fences soon.  Super sweet.

And the ball, muddy from being hit into the slough!

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