Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tahoe Ropes Course

Last summer we did a ropes course for G's birthday and I had to admit that I hadn't really known what one was.  I don't know that I would have chosen to do it if I had, but I'm glad that I did!  This time, I signed up voluntarily and had a great time, despite a moment at the beginning realizing that I was the oldest participant by at least a quarter of a century and a moment mid-course when I shook so hard that I found myself momentarily regretting having children at all!  At the end, our consensus was that this course was epic and our only debate is when we will return again!

THIS section - we all agreed - was the hardest.  The spot when my whole body started trembling so much that I couldn't make myself move forward) and when I had doubts about the wisdom of reproducing crazy children who dragged me into such situations.

Afterward, we found a dog-friendly beach and had a blast with our raft, Puck, and a fantastic afternoon playing in the water.

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