Sunday, August 12, 2018

Barry Bond's Number Retirement Celebration

Then and now: the first two are from 2007; the rest from 2018.

The first ball game and the first home run that K ever saw.  I knew I wanted her to be able to say that she'd seen Barry Bonds play.  G was there too, but it was a few months before she was born, so she could only hear.  We had no idea at the time how much K would love baseball.  Barry Bonds and Betty Glass probably both contributed to that love!

K at her first game, just after a Bonds homer un in 2007

Both girls at the celebration; G on the right in the famous "Pitch to Barry" shirt

Fun!  All of Barry's 'splash balls' in giant form in the bay.

Live (below) and on camera (above).  We got SRO tickets, so could stand pretty close.

Pretty cool

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