Thursday, February 28, 2019


Overheard:  Two younger boys talking about K when she's playing basketball (the only girl on any of the teams in her division this time around).  "She's like Shaq, only not dumb."

(When I told her that, she smiled. Then defended Shaq, saying, "he's not dumb.  After he retired, he went back to school and finished a doctorate.")  Still, it might be one of the funnier - and more unusual - compliments I've overheard.)  She's #14 below. 

This past weekend was a great game.  She's got a good team, but they usually win without trying too hard.  This time they played a strong team and had to fight.  In the end, they lost by one point in the final second, but it was such a hard and well-fought game with lots of good teamwork and some amazing shots that it didn't feel like a loss at all.

She's always liked basketball, but saves her real enthusiasm for baseball.  Playing with this team, though, is the first time I've heard her express some regret when a baseball practice conflicts with basketball.  Nice to see her enjoying the game and her teammates.

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