Thursday, April 11, 2019

Baseball Begins

These photos are from her first game with the high school level league (preseason).  They don't have uniforms yet, just hats.  She's having fun and seems to be playing well.  She likes all of her coaches and says that they have been really helpful.  She's in two leagues and unfortunately games and practices sometimes conflict, but too much baseball isn't usually a problem for her. 

She had another game last night and talking to a mom, she asked, "which is your son?"  I said, "well, number 32 is my daughter."  She said, "Oh K; I love her.  She's great!"  Leaving, the coaches from the other team - from another town - all called her by name.  I looked questioningly at her - how do they know you?  She just shrugged - no idea.  Impresses me - maybe because for work I see so many students come through in just a few years - but I have sort-of reached my capacity for learning a lot of new names with both girls in multiple classes, in multiple activities, in multiple games...  To know the names of players on another league - impressive.

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