Sunday, June 2, 2019

Redwood City Business Fair

Thank you Casa Circulo and the Redwood City library for sponsoring this event!  The girls had a great time and made a profit while getting some ideas to enhance their business.  They accepted credit cards for the first time and wore their matching shirts (crooked graphic and all) with the logo they designed and imprinted. They sold apple pie, lemon meringue cheesecake, red velvet Oreo dessert, cheesecake with the frosting inside as filling, and more.  Love these hard workers and their creativity.

Their only challenge was that they weren't able to sell their most popular item:  cookies.  Someone else had signed up to sell cookies and the organizers wanted it to be "fair."  Because, you know, communism.  :-}  Ah well, made them stretch and they learned that 1) carrot cake is surprisingly popular (sold out); whole pies sell really well (first to sell out, almost immediately); and desserts-in-a-jar, while delicious, took some explaining from customers who perhaps spend less time on Pinterest than these young businesswomen do.

K wanted to put up a sign that said, "We reserve the right to refuse service to Dodger fans."  I thought it might actually generate business, but she apparently lost her nerve (or got distracted by selling).  Toward the end, G did an especially great job walking around the whole fair and sending people over to their booth.  Gracious yet assertive; not an easy balance!

"Sold Out" - their favorite sign

Announcing their business to the crowd

Drumming up business from the crowd...

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