Monday, July 29, 2019

Three (Big) States in One Day

Another remote journey through a corner of Colorado, then Wyoming, then Utah.  Made it to Salt Lake City and saw the Beehive house (not pictured) and the main temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  Learned a bit about the history of the LDS, Brigham Young, polygamy, and the symbolism of the beehive.  Interesting!  I have such respect for all of the people who journeyed across uncharted territory and imagine all of the untold stories of people who tried and failed, perishing along the way...

I'm still utterly fascinated with the remoteness of this drive, even though we returned on a different route, intentionally seeking a bit less isolation.  So many small towns, roads with no cars, and vast mountain ranges, valleys, and plains with no people or sign of people for mile after lonely mile.

Saw a creepy number of dead coyotes along these remote roads

New state for the girls

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