Saturday, December 21, 2019

African American Shakespeare's Cinderella

African American Shakespeare's production of Cinderella!  Great show, funny and touching.  K worked it, so that's her on stage at intermission below, promoting the youth theater pass with her colleagues.  It was a huge theater, lots of people.  I would have been so nervous at her age... she seemed not bothered at all.  I'm so impressed.

I got to spend the day and experience the show with G, which was fantastic.  She's great company and looked so grown up in a dress she borrowed from my sister for the occasion.  Of course I already KNEW that she was great company (funny, sweet, and interesting), but I appreciate her company so much, it's worth saying so.  We both agreed it was so cute to see the little girls in attendance, all dressed up,  When the plot included searching for a princess who fits the shoe, the "palace staff" come into the audience and let the tiny girls try the shoe on.  Their reactions are so adorable.

Funny, when we arrived at the tea party, K's co-workers immediately said, "you are K's family."  Neither girl thinks that they look like each other and K says that she looks exactly like me, so this immediate recognition perplexes them, which I think is cute.

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