Sunday, April 12, 2020

Scavenger Hunt and Easter Bunny Cake

Our traditional Easter scavenger hunt was different this year - instead of leading them all over the house and yard, it included cousins and was nearly all done via Zoom.  It had three parts, Ravenclaw riddles, Bible knowledge, and knowledge of Jesus' life, about 30 questions in total, plus three unscrambling puzzles based on the answers to the above.  The four worked together and each did a good job contributing; clues were hidden at each house, as were baskets for these cool teens.  :-)

Mass was different too, via Zoom to St. Dominic's.  It was a pleasure to hear Fr. Anthony preach with a combination of humor and inspiration.  Happy Easter!

She baked and decorated it herself; for the first time with gumdrops instead of jelly beans, since none of the stores around here seem to have much in the way of Easter decor or treats.

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