Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pawnee Visits

 He brought his parents and sister Ahwahnee, too.  We were about to head over to see them when I, idling time while K finished her shower, logged on to read that day's paper and learned about a recommended evacuation from my parents' neighborhood due to expected high winds.  The press release read as if fires were inevitable, the only question was how fast you could run to escape them - yikes!  So they packed up their motor home and came over, parking it in front of our house.  

Pawnee is a monster puppy, he barks at everything and doesn't behave.  This is him sitting on a chair in the living room, which technically he isn't allowed to do.  But he's so sweet, so loving, and looks so much like a Dr. Seuss character that it is impossible not to forgive him everything.

Their house was fine, but the day they spent with us was an unexpected treasure - so great to just hang out together all day.  Oh, I had to work and the kids had homework, but in between was great and just having them here was wonderful.  They were much more anxious to go home than we were to have them leave!

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