Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A Spectacular Giants Evening

 The weather was perfect - gloriously beautiful and we were comfortable in shorts - without ever being hot - late into the evening.

The stadium is gorgeous - is there any more beautiful, set next to the bay with the dazzling lights of the Bay Bridge behind?

The company - well, what can I say?  The very best.

The safety protocols - loved the social distance seating (it hasn't been two weeks since G's second shot), which made for uncrowded fun.  Even parking was easy - made a reservation online!  (Not cheap, though.)

The game!  Nerve-wracking at first, as K began to slink into her seat and the Giants fell behind 7-0.  Then the comeback, the two splash hits (only the third time that has ever happened and the only time without Barry Bonds), the grand slam, and the ultimate 9-8 win!

The things you learn about your kids.  I knew K knew a lot about baseball, but she used and then explained terms I'd never heard of.  Apparently, she was also posting to her Giants fan Instagram account AND participating in two live group chats with Giants fans.  An influencer!  She said that afterward the starting pitcher viewed her video and liked her post, which is cool.

A great summer evening....

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