Friday, November 26, 2021

Post-Thanksgiving Family Walking Tour

 We had a participant who had never been to SF before, so I did more research so that I could point out:

  • The highest and former highest skyscrapers in SF
  • The cool history of the Sentinel Building, now called Zoetrope
  • Vesuvio Cafe and the colorful murals of Jack Kerouac alley
  • The Jazz Mural
  • Original work by British street artist Banksy (though one might argue that "street art" that is so protected isn't really street art).
  • Molinari's, one of the last remaining authentic Italian delis
  • Old St. Mary's Church, built with bricks that came to SF by ship (like the doorframes in our historic house)
  • The old Telephone Exchange, where operators had to know the names and numbers of every resident of Chinatown, plus have an ability to communicate in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English
  • Portsmouth Square, where SF got its start and which used to be one block from the bay
  • The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory
  • Wavery Place and the Tin How Temple, the oldest Chinese temple in America, founded in 1852.
  • The Fairmont, with its walk-through gingerbread house and beautiful festive decorations
  • Grace Cathedral (those doors!)
  • The Cable Car Museum
  • The Wharf
  • Various foodstops
Waiting for pizza in North Beach

The above-mentioned "street art" by Banksy

Moving through the alley or murals from North Beach to Chinatown


Nob Hill for a Fabulous Five photo

Our crew (minus Len, who was taking the photo) at Aquatic Park

A gorgeous view of the Fabulous Five; a beautiful city

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