Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Yellowstone! Day One in the Park

 We entered the park on "snow coaches," which were buses with huge wheels that could travel on the snowy roads.  No private transportation allowed!  It was a four hour trip from the entrance to the park to the Old Faithful Snow Lodge and we stopped along the way to see thermal activity, bison, and waterfalls.  Amazing!

This was after we arrived at the lodge.  I went outside and said, "there's an animal coming toward me."  I wasn't fast enough with the camera, but both of the girls were and got decent photos of this beautiful fox running in the snow.  Much larger than the few California foxes I've seen!

Gibbon Falls

This is the Gibbon river, running down into the caldera that represents the active volcano that so much of Yellowstone is.  Fortunately, the last eruption was 634,000 years ago.

At Monument Geyser Basin/Beryl Spring

Our first bison

Winter light on a cloudy day.  We didn't see the sky until we left the park!

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