Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Fun Recent Photos

With so much fun stuff going on, it's hard to describe adequately in either words or photos. Katherine broke a board with her "bare, sweaty foot" last week in karate (her description). Pretty cool! We're also practicing Chinese phrases every morning, since Mom is in China (and Dad is soon on his way). We learned some new scientific words last week too - apophallation, anyone? (Clue: we were studying a hermaphrodilic slug at the time and learning about its very weird reproductive habits.) Dress up with friends is always fun, but why-oh-why didn't I get the beatnik performance on tape? There is such unexpected angst at four-and-a-half! :-)

At the beach.

Katherine loves cats and this one (at a friend's house) was amazingly friendly.

Dress up time! Katherine as a pilot,

Gabriana's outfit was less defined...

Alana was a princess and Gabriana was a fairy ballerina.