Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Pageant

Katherine had two roles in this "acting out of the gospel reading." She was a soldier, announcing the census and then, after a quick change, she was also a shepherd, along with Gabriana. Photos aren't great, but they show both girls in their shepherd outfits. They love being such an intimate part of the parish community's Christmas celebrations!

OK, now for the rest of the story: Katherine was a flawless performer, right on cue with everything. However, after being fine in several rehearsals, Gabriana wigged out when her shepherd's hat came off during the actual mass. Without missing a beat from her "amazed look" at the angels announcing Jesus' birth, Katherine manhandled Gabriana back down next to her, putting her hand over Gabriana's mouth to silence her. I was impressed with Katherine's control, but it didn't work of course - Gabriana got more upset and more insistent. I had to crawl out of the back room, around the altar, kneel in front of the pews, and gesture to get their attention.

Gabriana was fine once I comforted her for a few moments and the show went on, with Katherine eventually going out into the crowd to encourage the congregation to "come let us adore him," as rehearsed. Gabriana had been supposed to go with her, but missed her cue. That didn't stop her, though. She was disoriented and kept turning around (in front of everyone, mind you!) to ask me, "this one? [aisle]?" When I realized that she'd missed her cue and Katherine was already gone, I gestured for her to come back, but she knew her job and wasn't going to be stopped. Katherine was nearly back on the altar when Gabriana found her way and took off by herself through the crowded church, making her "come" gestures as rehearsed.

Katherine was done with her, though, so after the shepherds and angels all adored Christ for a while, they filed off the altar. Gabriana was left there by herself and I had to grab her while Father Pat said, "we seem to have a wayward shepherdess here!"

It all sounds pretty disruptive, but really it went pretty well. I was red in the face for a good hour afterward (trying the block the reality that nearly the entire congregation was watching me crawl to the kids!) Still,the overall effect of the acting out of the reading was as intended and the kids now feel even more like part of the parish AND close to the Holy Family... and really, what more can you ask for for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A favorite recent photo

My camera stopped working for a bit, now I have a backlog of photos that document all of the fun we've had over the last month. The above is a favorite of mine, taken just a few weeks ago. I love this one because they look so genuinely happy, mischevious, and content... all at the same time.

Gosh, I love these girls so! All of their beauty, inside and out, their strength, their brains, their affection and love, senses of humor and adventure. Oh, I could go on and on (and probably have!)