Sunday, January 31, 2010

Recent Museum Homeschool Days

Cookies with Snoopy at the Charles Schultz Museum (where else?)

Making (and drinking) root beer at the Schultz Museum. We also made solar ovens, pink slime, and more.

In Golden Gate Park after the Academy of Science Homeschool Day. We were a late drop in between Spanish and girl scouts and the girls wanted to spend most of our time at the Naturalist Center, reading and using the hands on exhibits. We also got some books to add a science supplement to Book Club (how frogs eat).

Friday, January 29, 2010

"Mommy, You Smile More Than Most Grownups"

Above the old Sutro Baths (Cliff House area) during a recent storm. Windy, incredible waves, energizing and fun!

That was a comment I received from Katherine recently, not intended as a compliment but merely as an observation. When I told MY Mom, she said, in a tone that indicated that she thought she was stating the obvious, "well, yeah... of course. You know WHY!" And so do my kids... when I asked Katherine what she thought made me smile, she knew immediately and said with a big smile of her own... "us!"

Joy, joy, joy.

Junior Theologians

Gabriana looked up at me today when I was holding her and completely out of any context said, "Jesus Christ is Lord." I was on the phone with my sister Monica at the time and she heard Gabriana and said, "wow."

Then, when praying before dinner tonight, Katherine decided spontaneously to add, "in Jesus' name" to her prayers.

Where do these amazing kids come from? They have so completely appropriated the concept that God is powerful and God is good. The fact that that belief seems so instinctive, not learned is testament to the powerful message of God. If we teach them nothing else other than really to love God, we will have done a good job.


Blowing out "Jesus' birthday cake" on Christmas

Before the nativity gospel reading. Katherine and our friend Will were the Roman soldiers who announced the census and they are accompanied by our favorite wayward shepherdess. (See story posted December 25, 2009)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Misc: USS Hornet, Tidepooling, Baby Tory, Point Bonita Lighthouse

Touring the USS Hornet (Air Craft Carrier) in Alameda. Impressive!

Tidepooling at Fitzgerald Preserve in Half Moon Bay. Fun and gorgeous (the girls AND the preserve).


Visiting Baby Tory, who is now about five months old already! Such a sweetie and it was great to see her, though we did miss getting to see Will, too.

The Point Bonita Lighthouse is one of our favorite spots; we followed our visit there with a trip to a nearby visitor's center and learned a lot about the people (ancient and recent) who have lived in the Marin Headlands and surrounding areas. We also found lots of interesting information about local flora and fauna. In this photo, the girls are practicing tying nautical knots, or... more accurately, pausing briefly to pose in order to humor Mom while they try to follow the directions about how to tie each knot. The Swallows and Amazons kids know far more than we do about such things...!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Point Reyes Hike

I love seeing kids learning outside! These are photos of a ranger walk that we did recently. After a painfully cold start, everyone had a lot of fun. That mushroom was right out of "Alice and Wonderland!" It isn't the season for too many insects, but that didn't stop Katherine from trying... and getting Will, Jack, Gabriana, and others involved, too. Cool entemology gear clearly = interest.

Best Supporting Actor, Charles Williams!

Playing "Dr. Charles Williams" in the San Francisco General Hospital Pediatric Asthma Clinic's Orientation Video. Link below for the whole (ten minute) show:

Karate Promotion

Katherine recently got promoted to another level at karate. This represents many months of hard work! In one photo, she is repeating part of the mantra she's learned for the class; in the other, she's just recieved her belt and is giving "stink eye" to the parents, 'cause while she doesn't mind performing, she doesn't like applause. Sure looks tough!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coyote Point Homeschool Day

K constructed a fort, learned about animals, held a snake, and built wind powered devices. Together they played with magnets, making jewlery out of them for the nearest willing model (Mom). The photo of G is one that I took while K was learning about plant life; G was busy "writing" and barely tolerant of my interruption for a photo. But I couldn't resist the lighting!

The Nutcracker

We took our tree down today. Still fresh, very few needles even as I dragged it down the stairs. And after six weeks! Tree comes down, pre-Christmas photos go up. "There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven..." Right? These are from the day I went with the girls to the San Mateo production of the Nutcracker, a memorable and lovely day.