Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Priceless Gem of Perfection...

"For no matter how many mountain ranges I'd visited in the past, no matter how many views had won my heart, what was spread before me, before us, was a priceless gem of perfection, an unsurpassed, unparalleled vision of glory."

Kev Reynolds wrote this line about a valley view at the end of the Haute Route trek into Chamonix Valley in France. It is such an eloquent description that the words have stuck with me, 16 years after first reading them. No view have they ever more appropriately described than that which we saw at Inspiration Point, above Yosemite Valley, earlier this month. The incredible beauty of the park was matched only by the joyfully exuberant presence of these two incredibly wonderful and gorgeous girls, created in the image of One who must have created such beauty just so that our hearts would swell with this glimpse of divine love.

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