Saturday, March 20, 2010

Girl Scout Camporee 2010

The theme was "Mythology in the Mountains" and the girls were encouraged to dress in ancient Greek costumes. Katherine's troop started with the troop identifying t-shirts they'd made during their meeting the previous week (bottom), then changed into the recycled "Queen of the Nile" costumes we'd used at the bday party the week before. Thank goodness for creative moms (not me - thanks, EB!)

They played, did crafts, then did a bead swap with the other troops from the Mill Valley/Tiburon/Belvedere area. Each girl brought 20-30 beads and then traded them with others, so they each went home with a diverse collection to remember the day and the other scouts by.

Dinner was followed by a campfire - no marshmallows, but each troop got up to share a song with the others. Katherine's troop had only two (including her) by that point and they weren't sure what they wanted to do, but they were determined to get up there nonetheless. The older girls were encouraging and patient as they decided, then they very quietly performed "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other's gold." We had to call Uncle Paul the next day to see if he remembered Boy Scout chants, which he did - the same ones I recalled. Whadacachu!

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