Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unmake Workshop

Katherine is participating in an "unmake" workshop, a really cool series of classes in which the students get to take apart and then put back together a flashlight, toaster, bike, and toilet. Better yet, it is located in a really neat science workshop that includes live animals, fossils, musical instruments, microscopes, and more. A cornocopia of fun stuff to experiment with!

Gabriana isn't officially signed up, but the girls decided in advance that she'd take things apart and Katherine would put them back together, which is how they typically divide their activities at home!

We had a wonderfully full day, taking the ferry and the streetcar to Spanish class, then exploring the City a bit by foot and public transportation, found a picture of Grandma Madden up at Mission High, had the workshop, then a potluck, then the streetcar and ferry home. Left the house at 7:20; home by 9PM. Full day! And fun too


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