Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Unmake Toilets

Yes, we got down and dirty for the final Unmake class in this series as we took apart toilets. I love the look of concentration on Katherine's face as she feels out the inside of the toilet with her hand.

Other pictures are of the girls carefully passing an albino corn snake to each other, Gabriana showing me a magnifying class that she was using in conjuction with exploring pond water in a microscope (love the skeleton behind her!) and Gabriana and friend discussing which body parts should be inserted into the model human body. The conversation was both fun and very serious and even the little girls knew more about the human body from discussions and books we've read than I anticipated or realized.

Again, we are overwhelmingly enthused by the Mission Science Center and the cornocopia of wonderous things they have to explore. We tried some science experiments related to density when we got home; more fun!

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