Friday, January 14, 2011

Book Club January - Peter Pan!

It was K's idea to have a treasure hunt, G's to dress up. Lots of pirates and fairies showed up, as well as a lovely, nightgown-clad Wendy.

We started with unidentified packets of clues, which the kids hid in various rooms, then created treasure maps to show where they were. Great hiding places and awesome maps! Once the clues were rediscovered, they were unwrapped, revealing puzzle pieces, a map of the world, which they worked in teams to put together. Surprise! More clues were written on the back of some of the puzzle pieces; together, they instructed a search for more clues, hidden in pens, in the living room. Once found, each pen revealed a slip of paper hidden inside with a different secret code on each. They worked together to decode each clue, which resulted in a riddle/poem (using their knowledge of poetry to put the lines in order), then scrambled up the stairs to find the treasure chest "up the stairs, behind a door, look under green, then blue to score!" Fun, fun!

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