Friday, February 25, 2011

Country Day, Mexico: Part 3 of 3

Amazing presentations on Aztec gods, ancient Olmec art, Frida Kahlo, the Oaxacan festival el Noche de los Rabanoa, geography of Mexico, Mayan numbers, Mayan calendar, tortilla making, Maya daily life, making Mexican cascarone, horses, aztec temples, drug cartels, and the Mexican flag. Wow!

We had read about a girl who visits Oaxaca during the Christmas festival, El Noche de los Rabanos, which is a radish carving festival. K described what she had learned and demonstrated her own carving skills, along with those she had shared with friends. Some of the demonstrations were formal, others were more interactive, most notably two who focused on Mayan Math. It was very fun to see the kids volunteer to solve multiplication problems using Mayan numbers, then rely on each other's expertise to write their answers using Mayan symbols!

In addition, we had a guest: Linda from the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. She did a presentation too, giving us some context for the craft activities, then led the kids in making "sellos" or stamp art in clay. Such a fun and rich day!

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