Thursday, January 27, 2011

Country Day January: USA!

Every family/child focused on something different. K started with some history - Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea, about whom we had recently become completely fascinated. Did you know that the historical record has contradictory evidence, making it unclear whether she lived for 25 years or 100?

Their journey was truly amazing and the expedition journals chronicle their fascination both with that which has become mundane to us (groundhogs) and that which we will never see (valleys teeming with thousands of wild animals).

This segued to the national park system, which preserves some element of the wildness of what they saw on that journey. K of course focused on Yosemite, including a bit about the Ahwahneechi (Miwok tribe who lived there), their stories, and the words that they used to describe landmarks. She also talked about our own connections to Yosemite and G jumped to her feet (and out of her role to photograph the presentation) to help K demonstrate how they together scared off a bear on our last visit.

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