Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow here!

If you are from the Mid-West or East Coast, snow is no big deal. If you are a fourth/fifth generation San Franciscan (or "Bay Areans") as the girls and I are, then it is way more exciting and special. Looking at these photos, even K, who was when they were taken, thought that they were from Bangladesh or other exotic locale. We happened to experience it because G and I saw snow on the mountain above us as we were leaving the library. I called Charles and K and told them I was coming to get them; we then zoomed up the hill, 'till we reached the closed end of the road. From there the girls and I determinedly walked up the road about a mile and a half to where some was on the ground. Others were going further with snow boards, but we were deterred from further exploration by the setting sun and dropping temperatures.)

Unforgettable! I remember snow in San Francisco in 1976; a truly unique experience for me. I hope/wonder if the girls will have similar recollection so many years from now. From the looks on their faces, I suspect that they may.

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