Saturday, March 12, 2011

Book Club March: Roald Dahl's Mathilda

Not everyone liked the book: Dahl's dark humor and his horrible anti-heroes don't always resonate. But we had fun nevertheless, focusing on practical jokes and vocabulary. For the former, we made "sushi" that looked fishy but in fact was a dessert and beautiful rings that doubled as water squirters. Charles knew that the ring was some practical joke and yet was braced for a buzz or shock, so he really did jump when K shook his hand (on an early-morning practice run) and that fueled our enthusiasm for the project.

We also had fun with Dahl's vocabulary, throwing out a word and then asking the kids to act (in costume or not) like the word. The funny photos below are from the words "revolting," "implacable," "formidable," and then two adorable "rakish" book clubbers. We also played with "skulking," "wary," "riveted," "blithering," and "heroine." The last picture wasn't one of our vocabulary words, just what I'd call "cute." :-)

We also got a chance to read my favorite Dahl poem aloud: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. I like it because it is unexpected and because the child in it is fearless, confident, and smart, like so many of Dah's child characters.

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