Friday, March 25, 2011

Country Day: Finland

We heard about so many different elements of Finland and the Finn culture: the Sami (or Saami) people, icebreakers, skiing history, the symbolism of the Finnish flag, saunas, sisu, food, one friend's Finnish ancestry, the creation story from the Kalevala, the lakes, forest, and topography of Finland, and the Aurora Borealis. It was more interesting than at first glance (there aren't a lot of Finnish resources in the libraries!)

Check out the two "Finnish girls" in the first photo; I love the series of K giving her presentation (on the Sami people) - when someone later asked if she got nervous, she was surprised - I don't think it ever occurred to her. In the final picture, G is making a Sami/Saami hat; she put a lot of work into it and was very intense, working alone for a long time.

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