Friday, March 18, 2011

Insect Discovery Lab

We went to an "Insect Discovery Lab" presentation. Very cool! Thanks, Julie and Barbara for setting it up and hosting.

Darkling Beetle (local)

Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, Florida Everglades

Giant African Millipede (Kenya). Note that it has a mutualistic relationship with mites! Hmmmm....

Giant Thorny Phasmid, also known as a Walking Stick. From Malaysia. Wings are vistigial (not used) and the female (which this was) carries an egg at the end of her tail. When she is done carrying it, she simply tosses it and it is on its own!

Australian Walking Stick. Uses camoflauge and mimicry, disguising itself as a scorpion (glad they told us, it would otherwise we would have been startled when it arched its tail at us!)

Whipped Tail Scorpion, also known as a Vinegeroon, from Arizona. It was the only predator in the group, eating crickets, beetles, and even baby mice!

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Its sphericals - holes on the side of its body - are how it makes the hissing noise.

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