Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Empathy + Imagination = Praxis

These pictures give some reasons why I love my job (the one I get paid for, as opposed to raising these girls, which is clearly my very most favorite job). Nance is one of the students in my senior seminar course; we learn project management for the first part of the class, then each student goes out into the community to actually manage a complex project that leaves the organization with which they were working a measurably better place. Nance put together a fund raiser for Saint Vincent de Paul's Catherine Center, which provides a safe reentry for women who have been released from prison. The general recidivism rate is upwards of 60%; fewer than 10% of those who work with the Catherine center return to prison. (Yes, I took these photos!)

Susan Sarandon and Sister Helen Prejean "in conversation" was worth seeing; Sister Helen stole the show with her command of the stage and the subjects.

In the "who knew" category: An sister from NDNU gave the talk that inspired Sister Helen to begin her ministry.

Favorite quote: "Without the presence of God, our mistakes would mean nothing."

Favorite guiding concept: Empathy + Imagination = Praxis (Ethical Action)

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