Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Lent!

Preparing for Easter joyfully, consciously, and as a family. This article has some specific ideas; I particularly like the idea of (re)connecting to our Jewish heritage. It isn't something we're done in the past, but it makes sense to get closer to Christ by aligning ourselves with the activities he participated in, the customs he honored, the traditions that were part of his life.

What are we doing so far? I'm doing my usual: giving things up and doing spiritual reading; K decided to consciously change a bad habit. She's been doing a good job: I overheard her tell G recently, "oh, I can't do that. I gave it up for Lent!" We are also using a "Garden of Love" to "grow" visual images of every day kindnesses toward one another. When one of the girls does something nice for the other, I put a paper flower or garden sticker on their "garden," which is taped to the wall in the kitchen. By Easter - we hope! - it should be a lovely collection, visually reflecting their love for one another.

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