Friday, May 27, 2011

Snakes and Lizards Exhibit

Love this picture; both girls got such a thrill out of watching an exhibit about water and life, which was designed, mini Bellagio-like, to a design of water spurts and music.
They also had fun with the lizards, matching the tongues/eating habits with the face.
This was totally fun - at an exhibit that allowed the viewer to zoom in on lizards in a display, we discovered that it could also be used to watch the people who were observing the display up close. The photo above has both girls at the controls, but the photo below shows G maneuvering (her head in the lower part of the photo) so that K seemingly becomes a grinning part of the exhibit.

We don't often have days with no specific classes, activities, or plans, so it was a joy to spend leisurely time together, playing and learning.

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