Friday, May 20, 2011

Country Day May - Germany

K did her presentation on the Berlin airlift of 1948-49; specifically, on an American pilot who dropped candy to the children of West Berlin. Who wouldn't love that! Recording the presentations in photos was left to G, who seemed not to notice that the computer assistant's head was blocking that of the presenter in most photos. Oh well!

We also heard great presentations about German castles, the medieval composer (and Saint) Hildegard,zeppelins, German folk dance, "Mad" King Ludwig II and his castles, the Bismarck, a WWI Soldier's story, making German food (soup and pretzels, two different presentations) and German wedding traditions (interactive, fun!)

As always, even (especially?) the adults learned a lot - at least, I did! One of the things that is most charming about the day is the courtesy and genuine attention that the kids show to each other, even over more than two hours of presentations. Makes me so appreciative of our friends and our shared experiences. And the great food that is part of the day makes it rich, too!

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