Friday, May 20, 2011

Narnia and Judgment Day

We just finished the seventh book in the series. Oh my. I think someone told me that it was about the end of the world, Judgment Day, and the like, but I somehow I didn't quite REALIZE. (Our reading was well timed with the recent predictions of the end of the world, though, huh?) Oh, the images of going into battle knowing that you WILL die! The concept of judgment, then of the world's end! As portrayed in the book, it is so profoundly beautiful, disturbing, lovely, hopeful, sad, joyful.

Makes me want to read Plato. What am I missing?

I think that reading all seven books will end up as an annual family tradition - so many beautiful and loving images, so much relevant depth! Despite launching the reader into facing a reality (death) that I tend to prefer to not think about, the images conveyed are of beauty, purpose, care, and everlasting life in, with, and of love.

What else matters?

Oh, one great quote, from "Queen Lucy," "'In our world too a stable once had something inside it that was bigger than our whole world.' It was the first time she had spoken, and from the thrill in her voice Tirian now knew why... she had been too happy to speak.'"


mosey (kim) said...

I'm a little late responding to this one... (my favourite series of books)

We just finished The Magician's Nephew today. We're waiting to start Lion/Witch/Wardrobe until we leave on vacation in a few weeks. We'll be in Ireland where CS Lewis apparently based some of the castles in Narnia.

Sweetpea's response to the birth of Narnia - it's the big bang! The series will definitely raise some interesting conversations for us about spirituality....

Therese said...

Ireland!! Awesome. Oh, please post about it so that we can live vicariously!

Love Sweetpea's understanding of science and spirituality. You might enjoy (adult reading) Francis Collins' book on science and religion. He's undeniably brilliant, the book is an easy read, and I like a paradigm that isn't either/or.

Have a great trip!!