Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Would Anyone Be Crazy Enough to Homeschool?

This is a great article, with lovely photos. The author articulates so many of the good reasons to choose this "craziness," though individual elements are quite different, of course:
  • We have fewer kids with a more abbreviated difference in learning levels. (Her descriptions give me a hopeful future vision, though!)
  • We don't rise at 5:30 to "help the Farmer," though that does sound rich and meaningful and therefore enviable, doesn't it? Nope, at 5:30, I'm exercising, cleaning, planning, or working. More of the latter and less of the first, unfortunately.
  • We spend more time outside of the house - not just physically, but engaged in classes, field trips, and coordinated group activities. We are lucky to have lots of families who educate with us who plan really awesome classes and activities; plus, living in the middle of so much (natural beauty, museums, universities, etc.) creates opportunities that are hard to pass up.
  • Not working outside the home gives them so much time together. Oh, I do envy that (though I am blessed to know with certainty that my paid work also reflects God's call)! Hopefully, by soon eliminating my onerous commute, we can better emulate the cozy peace that this article exudes.
Love it! The underlying reasons for the choices her family makes resonate and I appreciate both her educational background and the cited research. I certainly don't think that any specific educational background is necessary for teaching, but incorporating different voices into this reflection adds depth that I enjoy.

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