Friday, June 17, 2011

Country Day: China

Ni hao! The girls have both picked up some Mandarin words, always fun, and we combined our preparation for the actual knowledge sharing day with a field trip to Chinatown, where we wandered through Chinese shops (live and recently live food - rather gory - including large frogs, turtles, and fish), San Francisco's oldest temples, and more. Katherine did an excellent presentation on the Terracotta Warriors and Gabriana prepared one on the Chiru of Tibet, though she fell asleep in the middle of the presentations and missed both her sister's and her own. (My students would like to get out of presentations sometimes too, but I've never had anyone fall asleep before!) We also enjoyed a presentation from the Museum of Folk Art; a fascinating mini-lecture about life in Southern China and then facilitated art creation - paper cut outs of rabbits, which the kids all seemed to enjoy.

The end of our first Country Day year!

Terracotta Warrior presentation, in clothes Abuela brought from Hong Kong.

Creating animal cut outs.

Our display: dolls that Abuela brought from China and a kite I bought long ago in Beijing.

From a temple balcony in Chinatown.

Inside a store in Chinatown that sells paper cut out products used for funerals.

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