Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Dance Recital


With her class of cuties after their two dances (sixth from the left).

Unfortunately, the motion and lighting in the class were insufficient for great photos, but even the blurry ones are cute and capture her enthusiasm, joy, beauty, and the fun that she was clearly having. Her goal was to remember to pirouette to the right, as she got confused in class, and she did each just right. After four out of five, she'd look at me for confirmation that she'd done it right. So sweet and cute - awesome, fun kid!

It was a busy day, with K's drama performances earlier in the day. As soon as we were done with the dance recital, the three of us took off to Yosemite, setting up camp at midnight, amongst roaming bears (maybe?) in the pitch darkness of a moonless night. I could only do it because they were both so patient, silent, and helpful as we almost-soundlessly put up the tent and stashed the food and other smellies in the bear locker.

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