Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chemistry Class and Kiwi Connections

When considering homeschooling, friends and acquaintances described - among other things - one of the great benefits: knowledge sharing from parent-experts. When one friend who lives in Connecticut told me that his daughter was meeting with a NASA astrophysicist to learn about space, I was amazed... and yet not altogether hopeful that such a rich situation would ever pan out for us. Yesterday, I was blessed to learn how wrong I was... K and Daddy went to a chemistry class - one in a planned short series for a group of six friends - taught by a biochemistry professor from U.C.S.F.

G and I, on the other hand, had a rich experience of a different kind - meeting up with my friend, Jill, whom I hadn't seen since 1995! We had shared a cab from the airport in Nairobi in October 1994, a brief and unmemorable encounter, but then met again, completely coincidentally, two months later when we were perched together for eight hours on the roof of a bus en route to the start of Nepal's Annapurna Circuit. 24 days in the mountains, including spending my 27th birthday chatting and walking and marveling on the beauty of the Himalayas together, cemented our friendship. We later did several treks on New Zealand's North island together, before I departed for Antarctica, and have stayed in touch ever since. Believe it or not, her third and fourth children were born on almost exactly the same dates as K and G. How marvelous to see her again and how fun to show her around!

This photo shows Jill and the girls at one of our favorite local locations, enjoying the beauty of the day and the pleasure of each other's company and friendship. Savoring our friendship and reflecting with gratitude on this chance to connect in person brought me deep appreciation for life's blessings.

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